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Important before you buy: 

This page has 2 versions of the same app, one allows you to translate directly from the app and the other one generates only the files. So it is recommended to read the page to know which one is better to use, the "demo" version is a free and complete version of the old Ren'Xel version, it is also open source. The paid version has other features and is not open source

Ren'Xel Plus

Ren'Xel Plus allows you to translate and generate the .rpy from your .tab file, unlike the classic version this Ren'Xel does not transform the files to excel, but using CSV to converts the .tab to JSON and allows you to translate from within the app.

This app has the following:

  • Create and Load workspaces (to have a workspace for each game)
  • Translate from within the app
  • Create Notes
  • Export to RPY
  • Export to XLS

Notes to keep in mind:

  • This version is built with electron.js and uses RyunixJS framework which is based on ReactJS and PreactJS created by UnSetSoft (parent brand of KagariSoft) and may have some bugs.
  • The common.rpy files are loaded internally in the app, and cannot be modified or edited until you export the project to the renpy format.
  • This app is intended for Translators who work for studios or have dialogues with developers. However, it can be easily used by independent translators to create a translation (However, you must ask the game creator for permission and request a .tab).
  • It is recommended to use this app only with finished projects, the app will not update the Ren'Py native dialogue ID, but you can update the translations.
  • Ren'Py moves the "voice" tags to the translation files, Ren'Xel cannot move them. You have two options to solve this: Move them manually or use "Automatic Voice" (this second option is better than using the voice tag).
  • If you did not create a translation, but you downloaded the project in .rpy format the main file will be empty. Since the app only stores the strings you translated, this is good for translations that are too long and you want to get an early version of the translation without having to export all the empty lines.

Youtube Video: How to use Ren'Xel Plus

Ren'Xel Classic

Ren'Xel, is an app that generates an Excel file from Ren'Py's dialogue.tab file using python technology, it is also able to generate a .rpy translation file to import translations faster. The app was intended for developers to send only the Excel and extra files such as common.rpy or images to their translators. This method is not intended to replace the native renpy system, it is just an alternative that allows a more visual translation without having to touch the .rpy file of the dialogs or screens.

Important Notes:

  • No delete the data folder or the folders inside out folder.
  • It is recommended to use this app only with finished projects, the app will not update already translated strings.
  • the files are generated in "C:\Program Files (x86)\renxel\data".
  • The app uses templates to create translations, so you should create more if you use other languages. more info
  • Ren'Py moves the "voice" tags to the translation files, Ren'Xel cannot move them. You have two options to solve this: Move them manually or use "Automatic Voice" (this second option is better than using the voice tag).

GitHub Page: https://github.com/KagariSoft/renxel

Youtube Video: How to use Ren'Xel Classic

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Buy Now$5.30 USD or more

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Really nice! I’m using it right now. Perfect to upload to Google Sheets and work in a team