This is a whatsapp-style messaging system for Renpy.

Example Script

window hide
# Make a new contact user.
# To include a custom avatar, include the file name using the following code.
# Contact("<name>","<filename>")
# the images have to be placed in "images/avatares/"
# $ friendOne = Contact("Friend 1","friend")
# You need add message sound in "audio/fx/" (required)
# If you do not want a sound to be played when a message is received, add "_soundphone" to the "she" function.
# *.she("hello",_soundphone=False)
$ friendOne = Contact("Friend 1")
# Reset the Message screen.
$ contact = None
# Unlock the contact
$ friendOne.unlocked = True
# Send a message previusly show the message screen.
$ friendOne.she(
        Hey, Eileen are you there?
), "12:01")
# Change contact status 
$ friendOne.status(True) # character is online
$ chat_status = None # if buged this restore the status
# Show the screen
show screen Message
# Eileen responds to the message
            Yes, I'm here. How are you?
# Remember, is importan pause to show the next message or exit the message system, I recommend you to use '3' seconds.
pause 3
$ friendOne.she(
            I'm fine, the last week was little bit stressful. But, anyway, I'm glad to see you.
), "12:01")
pause 3
$ friendOne.she(
            Hey! Look at this picture. It's so funny.
), "12:01", img="images/phone/pictures/cat.jpg")
# Important pause indefinitely to prevent the message system from closing.
pause when the player clicks out of the window, the game will automatically continue.
# Now the Friend is offline
$ chat_status = None
$ friendOne.status(False)
# Mark all conversation as read
# * This prevent a bug when the user read the message.
$ friendOne.all_seen()
#And now hide the screen
hide screen Message
# If is necessary, you can delete all contacts.
$ contacts.clear()

Image size:

  • Avatar: 64x64
  • Sender and Resiver BG: 311x54
  • Offline/Online: 26x24
  • Message Image:  1920x1080  (Recommended size for good quality, the game will resize it.)

In the compressed file 2 masks were included(You will notice it because they are pink in color), it is recommended not to edit them, since these masks will generate the borders of the images in the game.
These images do not have to be edited or modified.

Terms of Use:

You can use this asset in commercial or free projects, however, you must follow these rules.

  • Give credit to "KagariSoft" or "Neyunse" (You can give them in a file, project page or within the game.)
  • You cannot and should not resell this outside of the game.


Can I edit the code?

Yes, you can edit it as you wish.

From what version of renpy does this code work?

7.x.x, but I recommend the latest versions like 7.4.11.

Try my projects

* The compressed file does not include backgrounds...

Made withRen'Py
Average sessionA few seconds


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